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mature B-cell lymphomas

Thursday 4 February 2021

Mature B cell neoplasms


- Small B cell lymphomas with a circulating component:
CLL / SLL Richter syndrome (pending) B cell monoclonal lymphocytosis prolymphocytic leukemia hairy cell leukemia hairy cell leukemia variant splenic B cell leukemia / lymphoma, unclassifiable (pending) splenic diffuse red pulp

- Small B cell lymphomas with lymphoplasmacytic differentiation / marginal zone lymphomas:
lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma marginal zone-general MALT-marginal zone marginal zone-nodal splenic marginal zone splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes pediatric nodal marginal zone lymphoma (pending)

- Follicular lymphoma:follicular-usual follicular neoplasia in situ pediatric type Follicular-unusual variants (pending)

- Mantle cell lymphoma:MCL-classic in situ mantle cell neoplasia MCL-leukemic nonnodal MCL-aggressive variants

- DLBCL and large B cell lymphomas with high grade features:DLBCL-NOS Burkitt lymphoma Burkitt-like lymphoma with 11q aberration (pending) HGBL with MYC and BCL2 or BCL6 High grade B cell lymphoma, NOS DLBCL CD5+

- Large B cell lymphomas-special
subtypes:primary mediastinal LBCL with IRF4 T cell / histiocyte rich DLBCL-primary testicular (pending) EBV+ EBV+ mucocutaneous ulcer (pending) fibrin associated (pending) pyothorax associated lymphomatoid granulomatosis plasmablastic lymphoma of oral mucosa type intravascular ALK+ LBCL primary effusion lymphoma

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