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Wiskott-Aldrich disease

Sunday 7 March 2004

Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

The Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) is a X-linked hematologic disorder characterized by recurrent pyogenic infection, thrombocytopenia, eczema, and immunodeficiency of variable severity. WAS is characterized by a combined immune defect.


- microthrombocytopenia


- upper respiratory tract infections

  • sinusitis
  • otitis media

- lower respiratory tract infections

- gastrointestinal anomalies
- diarrhea
- inflammatory bowel disease

- splenic anomalies (9989845)

  • significant depletion of the splenic white pulp
  • significant depletion of B cell zone
  • significant decrease of marginal zone (MZ) thickness

- nephropathy
- eczema
- microthrombocytopenia
- hemorrhages

  • epistaxis
  • oral bleeding
  • hematemesis
  • melena
  • petechiae
  • Purpura

- meningitis
- small and large vessel vasculitis

- autoimmunity (40%) (12728121, 9514127)

- tumoral predisposition

  • B-cell lymphoma
    • diffuse large cell lymphoma from follicular lymphoma
    • Epstein-Barr virus-associated hodgkin lymphoma
  • T-cell lymphoma
    • cutaneous T cell lymphoma (3877477)


- thrombocytopenia
- small platelets size
- hemolytic anemia
-  iron deficiency anemia
- CD43 (sialophorin) defectively expressed on surface of blood cells
- Moderately depressed antibody response to polysaccharide antigens
- Lymphopenia
- Abnormal delayed hypersensitivity skin test
- Absent microvilli on the surface of peripheral blood lymphocytes
- Prolonged bleeding time
- Normal IgG levels
- Increased IgA levels
- Increased IgE levels
- Reduced IgM levels
- Raised ESR
- Raised CRP


- mutations in the WASP gene

  • anomalies of ilopodia formation


- cilial immotility (11092120)


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