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Candida sp.

Tuesday 4 May 2004


- Residing normally in the skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina, Candida species are versatile microorganisms.

- In healthy people, Candida species usually live as benign commensals and produce no disease. However, Candida species, most often C. albicans, are the most frequent cause of human fungal infections. These infections range from superficial lesions in healthy persons to disseminated infections in immunocompromised patients.

- C. albicans grows best on warm, moist surfaces and so frequently causes oral thrush, vaginitis, and diaper rash. Diabetics and burn patients are particularly susceptible to superficial candidiasis.

- Candida can be directly introduced into the blood by intravenous lines, catheters, peritoneal dialysis, cardiac surgery, or intravenous drug abuse.

- Severe disseminated candidiasis is associated with neutropenia secondary to leukemia or anticancer therapy, immunosuppression after transplantation, and neutrophil disorders such as chronic granulomatous disease.

- Although the course of candidal sepsis is less rampant than that of bacterial sepsis, disseminated Candida eventually may cause shock and DIC.

- Silver stain: dense mat of Candida
- pseudohyphae
- blastoconidia (budding yeast)

Pathology (candidiasis)

- invasive candidiasis
- systemic candidiasis

- localized candidiasis

Types (Exemples)

- Candida albicans
- Candida glabrata


- autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndrome type I (MIM.240300) (germline AIRE gene mnutation) (MIM.607358)


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