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cancer genes

Monday 31 May 2004


- cancer gene-overexpressed tumors
- cancer gene-rearranged tumors

- cancer gene-activated tumors

- cancer gene-inactivated tumors


-  oncogenes / proto-oncogenes
- tumor suppressor genes

See also

- cancer gene panels


Four classes of normal regulatory genes are the principal targets of genetic damage:

- the growth-promoting protooncogenes
- the growth-inhibiting tumor suppressor genes
- genes that regulate programmed cell death (apoptosis)
- genes involved in DNA repair

Mutant alleles of proto-oncogenes are considered dominant because they transform cells despite the presence of a normal counterpart.

In contrast, both normal alleles of the tumor suppressor genes must be damaged for transformation to occur, so this family of genes is sometimes referred to as recessive oncogenes. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and some tumor suppressor genes lose their suppressor activity when a single allele is lost or inactivated. This loss of function of a recessive gene caused by damage of a single allele is called haploinsufficiency.

Genes that regulate apoptosis may be dominant, as are protooncogenes, or they may behave as tumor suppressor genes.

Methodology for cloning of cancer genes

- identification of viral oncogenes
- identification of genes associated with recurrent chromosomal aberrations
- screens for genes capable of the transformation of cells in culture
- whole genome, high-throughput screens
- murine leukemia virus-based mutagenesis
- Sleeping Beauty-based mutagenesis
- RNA interference
- exon re-sequencing
- high-resolution methods for detecting chromosomal amplifications and deletions

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