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ovarian fibroma

Tuesday 8 June 2004

Definition: Ovarian fibroma is a common ovarian sex cord-stromal tumor. Ovarian fibroma has dense benign spindle cells. It is associated with Meigs syndrome (ovarian fibroma, ascites, right pleural effusion), and Gorlin syndrome (basal cell nevus syndrome - basal cell carcinomas, odontogenic keratocyst, PTCH gene, autosomal dominant).


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- usually unilateral.
- hard, solid, grey-white masses.
-  fibroblasts (fibroblastic tumor) (WebPathology)
- The fusiform cells have small, spindle-shaped nuclei lacking atypia or mitotic activity.


- In 40% of cases, these tumors are associated with hydrothorax usually on the right side and ascites (Meigs syndrome).


- ovarian cellular fibroma

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