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Friday 15 October 2004

Oesophagus; normal esophagus; Adj. esophageal

WKP EndoAtlas


- esophageal mucosa / mucous membrane

- esophageal glands

  • mucus-secreting esophageal glands
  • esophageal cardiac glands

- esophageal submucosa

- esophageal muscular layer

  • upper third of the esophagus : striated muscle
  • lower third : smooth muscle
  • middle third : mixture of both

Muscle is arranged in two layers:
- one in which the muscle fibres run longitudinal to the esophagus,
- the other in which the fibres encircle the esophagus.

These are separated by the myenteric plexus, a tangled network of nerve fibres involved in the secretion of mucus and in peristalsis of the smooth muscle of the esophagus.

- esophageal adventitia


- esophageal pathology


- Histology of normal esophagus (by Washington Deceit)

- Histology of gastro-esophageal junction (by Washington Deceit)

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