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mixed germ cell tumor

Wednesday 27 October 2004


- Rx-gross-histology. Mixed testicular neoplasia. Seminoma + Yolk Sac Tumor, post-puberal

Digital cases

- JRC:19006 : Mixed germ cell tumor (teratocarcinoma, seminoma, endodermal sinus tumor) - anterior mediastinum.

Mixed germ cell tumord are much more common in the testis (33 vs @<@1%).

Almost any admixture is seen in the testis, many with roughly equal frequency, whereas in the ovary various combinations of yolk sac tumor, dysgerminoma, and teratoma account for the great majority.

Finally, in the testis a random admixture of elements is typical, a more zonal distribution of two or more elements being more usual in the ovary, without implying that the opposite cannot be seen on occasion.


- gonadal ovarian mixed germ cell tumor

  • ovarian mixed germ cell tumor
  • -* testicular mixed germ cell tumor