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evolutionary genomics

Wednesday 26 January 2005

Yeasts (20559329)

genome sequences have become available from an increasing range of yeast species, which has led to notable advances in our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms in eukaryotes.

Yeasts offer us a unique opportunity to examine how molecular and reproductive mechanisms combine to affect genome architectures and drive evolutionary changes over a broad range of species.

Several molecular mechanisms - such as gene duplication, mutation and acquisition of novel genetic material - that underlie yeast evolutionary genomics. Some results from yeasts can be extended to other eukaryotes.

Bacterias (20517341)

Host-adapted bacteria include mutualists and pathogens of animals, plants and insects. Their study is therefore important for biotechnology, biodiversity and human health.

The recent rapid expansion in bacterial genome data has provided insights into the adaptive, diversifying and reductive evolutionary processes that occur during host adaptation. The results have challenged many pre-existing concepts built from studies of laboratory bacterial strains.

Furthermore, recent studies have revealed genetic changes associated with transitions from parasitism to mutualism and opened new research avenues to understand the functional reshaping of bacteria as they adapt to growth in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic host.


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