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Wednesday 16 July 2003

human disease


Definition: A disease is a particular abnormal condition (anomaly - anomalies ), a disorder of a structure or function , that affects part or all of an organism.

The study of diseases is pathology.
The classification of diseases is nosology.
The study of the causes of diseases is etiology.
The study of the mechanisms of diseases is physiopathology.


Diseases differ from syndromes.


The study of the causes of diseases forms the etiology.

Mechanisms of diseases

The study of the mechanisms of diseases is physiopathology.

Etiological classification of diseases

- genetic diseases, grouping chromosomal diseases and genic diseases
- infectious diseases caused by infections / infection and infectious agents
- dysimmune diseases caused by dysimmunity
- environmental diseases caused by environment , toxics , drugs
- nutritional diseases caused by nutritional anomalies
- degenerative diseases caused by senescence and ageing / aging
- tumoral diseases ( tumors )

Physiopathological classification

- developmental anomalies (malformations )
- metabolic diseases
- inflammatory diseases
- degenerative diseases / senescence
- tumoral diseases ( tumors )

Localizations of diseases

Diseases affect systems and organs

- diseases of nervous system
- diseases of digestive system
- diseases of respiratory system
- diseases of urogenital system
- diseases of locomotory system
- diseases of the skin / cutaneous diseases

Systems in human keywords

Diseases in humpath keywords

- Diseases
- Disease localizations


- systemic diseases
- localized diseases (diseases of a structure)

See also

- communicable diseases ( infectious diseases )
- non-communicable diseases (non-communicable diseases )




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