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APGC syndrome

Wednesday 14 September 2005


- multiple gastric carcinoid tumors
- marked hypergastrinemia
- achlorhydria (lack of acid production by hypertrophic parietal cells)
- multiple intramucosal and invasive carcinoid tumors of the body and fundus
- marked ECL cell hyperplasia
- marked hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the parietal cells

  • vacuolated parietal cells
  • protrusions of apical cytoplasm of the parietal cells

- dilated oxyntic glands filled with inspissated eosinophilic material


- Abraham SC, Carney JA, Ooi A, Choti MA, Argani P. Achlorhydria, parietal cell hyperplasia, and multiple gastric carcinoids: a new disorder. Am J Surg Pathol. 2005 Jul;29(7):969-75. PMID: 15958864