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Saturday 19 July 2003

Molecular medicine began with Pauling’s seminal work, which recognized sickle-cell anemia as a molecular disease, and with Ingram’s demonstration of a specific chemical difference between the hemoglobins of normal and sickled human red blood cells.

Part I. Pathology of molecules

1. Pathology of DNA

- DNA mutations
- DNA replication
- DNA repair
- molecular checkpoints
- polyglutamine diseases

2. Pathology of RNA

- transcription and RNA synthesis
- RNA processing, RNA splicing, RNA maturation
- RNA transport
- RNA translation

3. Pathology of proteins

- protein lesions
- protein folding
- protein glycosylation
- anomalies of proteolysis and proteasomal degradation
- amyloidoses
- prion diseases

4. Pathology of other molecules (metabolic diseases)

- lipids
- carbohydrates
- vitamins
- bile
- heme

Part II. Pathology of cell signaling

5. External communication

- cell-matrix signaling
- cell-cell signaling
- soluble factor-cell signaling
- mechanosensitivity
- chemosensitivity

6. Pathology of membrane receptors

- Pathology of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs)
- Pathology of receptor serine/threonine kinases

7. Pathology of intracellular signaling by cytoplasmic proteins

- Pathology of Ras GTPases proteins family (ras, raf, rap, rho...)

8. Pathology of transcription factors

- Pathology of NF-kappaB

9. Pathology of signaling pathways

- hg signaling pathway (Hedgehog signaling pathway)
- wnt signaling pathway (Wint signaling pathway)
- wg signaling pathway (Wingless signaling pathway)
- notch signaling pathway
- NF-kappaB signaling pathway
- patched signaling pathway

Part III. Pathology of cellular functions

10 - Growth

- Pathology of cellular growth
- Pathology of cellular cycle
- Pathology of cellular division and mitosis
- Pathology of meiosis

11. Pathology of cellular aging

12. Pathology of apoptosis and cellular death

13. Pathology of endocytosis

14. Pathology of membrane transport

15. Pathology of cellular trafficking

16. Pathology of exocytosis

Part IV. Pathology of molecular structures

17. Pathology of extracellular matrix components (connective tissue disorders)

18. Pathology of basal membranes

19. Pathology of intercellular junctions

- Pathology of GAP junctions (connexins)
- Pathology of desmosomes and hemidesmosomes

20. Pathology of the cytoplasmic membrane

21. Pathology of endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus

22. Pathology of vesicles and membranes

23. Pathology of cytoskeleton

24. Pathology of contractile apparatus

25. Pathology of filopodia

26. Pathology of mitochondria

Part V. Systemic molecular pathology

- Molecular pathology of development

- Molecular pathology of growth (overgrowth syndromes)

- Pathology of aging

- epithelial pathology


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