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vascular dysplasias

Friday 25 July 2003

congenital vascular syndromes, vascular malformations

NB: We prefer the term "vascular dysplasias" for "vascular malformations" because of the risk of confusion with the malformations of vessels (vascular malformations).

Digital cases

- HPC:423 : Small complex vascular malformation


- capillary malformations

- venous malformations
- arteriovenous malformations(arteriovenous fistula)
- glomus tumors and glomuvenous malformations
- lymphatic malformations
- combined vascular malformations

Vascular malformative syndromes

- Sturge-Weber syndrome
- Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
- Parkes-Weber syndrome

According to the localization

- intramuscular vascular malformations
- pulmonary vascular malformations
- hepatic vascular malformaions
- digesive vascular malformations
- cerebral vascular malformations (intracranial vascular malformations)


- Vascular dysplasia (vascular malformation) of the cerebral pons

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See also

- vascular tumors
- vascular anomalies
- vascular malformations
- endothelial lesions of childhood


- Angioma Alliance


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