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primary pulmonary hypertension


Sunday 15 January 2006


- autosomal recessive form of PPH (MIM.265400)


- numerous plexiform vascular lesions
- plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy
- medial hypertrophy (41.0%)
- intimal cellular proliferation (2.5%)
- intimal fibroelastic proliferation (36.9%)
- medial destructive changes (19.6%)

  • dilatation lesions
  • plexiform lesions
  • arteritis
  • fibrinoid necrosis

- index of pulmonary vascular disease (IPVD) : 1.6 to 3.4 (mean 2.5).


- Locus PPH1 at 2q33: germline mutations in the BMPR2 gene (MIM.600799)


- hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 2 (HHT2) (MIM.600376)

  • germline mutation in the ACVRL1 (ALK1) gene (MIM.601284)


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