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mosaicism 46,XY/45,X

Friday 20 January 2006


- mixed gonadal dysgenesis
- sexula ambiguity

  • micropenis
  • perineal hyspospadias

- gonadoblastoma in dysgenetic gonads

  • Gonadoblastoma is an unusual mixed germ cell-sex cord-stromal tumor that has the potential for malignant transformation and 30% of all patients with gonadoblastoma develop germ cell tumors mainly dysgerminoma/seminoma.
  • An additional 10% gives rise to other malignant germ cell neoplasms.
  • This tumor affects a subset of patients with intersex disorders.
  • The age at diagnosis is variable ranging from birth to the fourth decade, but around 94% of cases are diagnosed during the first three decades of life.
  • There are few cases with gonadoblastoma diagnosed in infants.
  • Gonadoblastoma could be present at a very early age, so the prophylactic removal of the gonads is advised.

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