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hydropic abortion

Sunday 29 January 2006




- chorionic villi with hydropic change
- hydropic villis

  • villous edema

- heterogeneity in villous size
- small fibrous villi and large, hydropic villi (with cisterns and pseudoinclusions )
- no loss of p57

- normal syncytial knots
- normal chorionic viili
- no hyperplastic syncytiotrophoblasts
- chorionic villi retained after fetal death
- villi are avascular and appear immature (1st trimester)

Differential diagnosis

- hydatiform mole


- Romaguera RL, Rodriguez MM, Bruce JH, Zuluaga T, Viciana A, Penalver MA, Mehrdad N. Molar gestations and hydropic abortions differentiated by p57 (CDKN1C) immunostaining. Fetal Pediatr Pathol. 2004 Mar-Jun;23(2-3):181-90. PMID: 15768863