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sporadic visceral myopathy with inclusion bodies

Monday 13 February 2006


- chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction
- primary visceral myopathy
- fibrosis of the muscularis externa
- vacuolar degeneration of myocytes
- leiomyocytic cytoplasmic inclusions

  • numerous inclusions
  • greatly enhanced by PAS staining
  • inclusions present in both muscularis externae and muscularis mucosae
  • identified in mucosal biopsy specimens


- myofibrils at various stages of degeneration

See also

- visceral myopathies


- Fogel SP, DeTar MW, Shimada H, Chandrasoma PT. Sporadic visceral myopathy with inclusion bodies. A light-microscopic and ultrastructural study. Am J Surg Pathol. 1993 May;17(5):473-81. PMID: 8385883