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autoimmune hepatitis type 1

Tuesday 21 February 2006


Two different cell distribution patterns were detected in the liver of patients with AH-1:

- CD4+ and CD20+ cells in the central areas of the portal tracts (portal distribution)
- CD8+ cells at the periphery of the portal space (periportal distribution)
- CD56, CD57, Fas-L and Bak cells: non-defined distribution pattern


- De Biasio MB, Periolo N, Avagnina A, Garcia de Davila MT, Ciocca M, Goni JH, De Matteo E, Galoppo C, Canero-Velasco MC, Fainboim H, Munoz AE, Fainboim L, Chernavsky AC. Liver-infiltrating mononuclear cells in children with type 1 autoimmune hepatitis. J Clin Pathol. 2006 Feb 17; PMID: 16489183