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Tuesday 7 March 2006

Definition: The ovotestis is the most frequently encountered type of gonad in ovotesticular disorders of sexual differentiation (ovotesticular DSD) (Formerly, "true hermaphroditism").


- Ovotesticular disorder with unilateral, bipolar ovotestis (dysgenetic) & contralateral normal ovary (not shown).

In four-fifths of cases the ovarian and testicular tissues are arranged in an end-to-end fashion. The ovarian portion of an ovotestis has a convoluted surface while the testicular portion is smooth and glistening.

Frequently, a distinct line demarcates the two tissues. The firm nature of the palpable ovarian tissue and the soft texture of the testis are valuable clinical signs when evaluating the nature of a gonad in an infant with ambisexual external genitalia.


- mixed ovotestis

  • most common type of ovotestis
  • interspersed immature ovarian and testicular components
  • dysgenesis of seminiferous tubules
  • seminiferous tubules containing immature germ cells


- true hermaphrodism

  • SOX9 mutations (campomelic dysplasia) (Cameron, 1998; Beaulieu-Bergeron, 2009)

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