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Silver-Russell syndrome

MIM.180860 11p15.5 and 7p11.2

Wednesday 8 March 2006

Silver-Russell syndrome is a congenital disorder characterized by severe intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, dysmorphic facial features and body asymmetry. Marked heterogeneity. Majority cases are sporadic.

Clinical synopsis

- short stature (average adult male height, 149.5 cm; average female adult height, 138 cm)
- Small for gestational age infant
- lateral asymmetry
- partial or total asymmetry
- intrauterine growth retardation
- pseudohydrocephalic appearance
- normal head circumference
- small, triangular facies
-  micrognathia
- frontal bossing
- blue sclera in infancy
- Down turned corners of mouth
- cardiac malformations
- posterior urethral valves
- hypospadias
- skeletal maturation retardation
- craniofacial disproportion
- delayed fontanel closure
- asymmetry of arms and/or legs
- fifth finger clinodactyly
- fifth digit middle or distal phalangeal hypoplasia
- syndactyly of 2nd-3rd toes
- cafe-au-lait spots
- central nervous system developmental delay
- fasting hypoglycemia
- growth hormone deficiency in some individuals

Tumor predisposition

- craniopharyngioma
- testicular seminoma
- Wilms tumor
- hepatocellular carcinoma (2853572)


- 11p15.5-associated Silver-Russell syndrome
- 7p11.2-associated Silver-Russell syndrome


- maternal uniparental disomy with respect to chromosome 7 occurring in approximately 10% of affected individuals.

- epimutation (demethylation) in the telomeric imprinting center region ICR1 of the 11p15 region (16086014)

  • This epigenetic defect is associated with, and probably responsible for, relaxation of imprinting and biallelic expression of H19 and downregulation of IGF2. (16086014)


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